Gillian McFee & Associates is a specialized consulting practice offering strategic and advisory services to companies in health, aged care and human services.

Gillian McFee is the Managing Director who delights in working with clients with a desire to re-shape services around the people who use them. 

Through our consulting and advisory services, we understand:

  • Strategic and operational issues in the health, human services, ageing and aged care industries
  • How to involve consumers and other stakeholders in co-design of sustainable service and business models
  • Complex regulatory environments that challenge boards and executives to balance conformance with performance
  • Change management in complex environments with diverse missions and goals and many stakeholders
  • How good strategy informs the business requirements for new technology and information systems.
  • The importance of innovation and being courageous enough to challenge myths and stereotypes that so often get in the way of growth and refreshing change.

The challenge faced by organisations is devising great strategy that responds to changing customer needs and then being able to consistently align this with all elements of the company's culture, services and design to achieve intended outcomes.


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